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Featuring adjustable settings and smooth operation, this grinder includes easy-clean parts and maintenance accessories.  @Description @Specs Size: Body 147 x 52 mm / Handle length 159mm Material: Body: Aluminium alloy, burrs: stainless steel 38mm SUS420 (S2C660) Weight: 430g Capacity: 25g of...

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A compact coffee scale with high precision, timer, and flow rate feature. It's your go-to for consistent, quality brews.  @Description       @Specs Measure range: 0.5g-2000g; 0.02oz-70.00oz Storage temperature: -10℃ to 55℃ Use temperature: Surface -10℃ to 60℃; With...

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Equipped with a precise scale, smart kettle, grinder, dripper, and server, this set delivers portable coffee luxury.  @Description         @Specs Dimension: 147 x 52 mm / Handle length 159mm (C3S Manual Coffee Grinder)01 dripper (1-2 cups) (compatible with...

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