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xCool ForFun Metal Sensory Fidget Toy Set

The ultimate quiet, sturdy metal sensory fidget toys for kids and adults.  @Description @Specs Dimensions:50 × 55 × 16mm(Interstellar Fidget Spinner)60 × 35 × 13mm(Rainbow Gear Spinner)34 × 33 × 22mm((Golden Gear Spinner)25 × 25 × 25mm(Metal Block Fidget Spinner)15...

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Portable Laptop Stand Tablet and Book Holder for Desk Cool Gadget

Portable Laptop Stand, Tablet and Book Holder for Desk is the ultimate stand for your laptop, tablet, book, drawing paper, etc.  @Description @Specs Weight: 1.85lb Material: Walnut Wood, Aluminum Alloy, Silica Gel Folded Size: 13.38*9.25*1.57 inches Load Capacity: 22lb @Package...

xCool Portable Smart USB Rechargeable Fingerprint Padlock

The smart fingerprint padlock is a versatile security solution that can be used as a locker lock, luggage lock, backpack lock, and more, providing enhanced security for various scenarios. @Description @Specs Battery Capacity: 110mAh Operating Voltage: 3.0-4.2V Weight: 2.12oz(60g) Dimensions:...

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Cool Gadget No Tie Shoelace Replacement With Magnetic Lace Lock

The No Tie Shoelace Replacement With Magnetic Lace Lock turns any laced shoe into a slip-on! Stylish, comfortable, and easy for athletes, adults, and kids! @Description @Specs Length(shoelace): 39 inches Width(shoelace): 0.3 inches @Package List Shipping Policy Free-shipping for orders...

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xCool 4-in-1 Bottle and Jar Opener for Seniors, Weak Hands, Arthritis

This versatile tool effortlessly opens beer bottles, cans, and lids of all sizes, with a non-slip grip and magnetic storage.  @Description @Specs Materials: Main Body: ABS resin Non-slip strip: Synthtic rubber + styrene rubber Heat-resistant temperature: 150℉ Weight: 2.68 ounces...

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3D Mini Scarlet Macaw Metal Puzzle w/ Acrylic Base, 83PCS

Crafted with exquisite metal textures, our lifelike mini macaw 3D metal puzzle is the top choice for a DIY birthday gift or a unique home accent. @Description   @Specs Materials: Brass Difficulty Level: 4 Color Process: Metal Color Printing Light: Singular White...

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xCool TidyPal Multifunction Small Travel PU Bag,4 Sizes

An all-in-one organizer bag for makeup, cosmetics, coins, electronic cords, suitable for backpacks and purses, featuring a waterproof PU squeeze top for secure self-closing functionality. @Description @Specs   Material: PU Size: S(3.93'' × 3.74'')M(6.69'' × 3.14'')L(6.29'' × 4.72'')XL(7.48'' × 5.70'')...

Premium 3D Gemsect Animal Metal Puzzles, 18PCS

It offers the joy of hands-on crafting and versatile use as stylish brooches for winter coats, decorative accents for handbags, refrigerators, and more with magnetic components, making them ideal DIY birthday gifts for both adults and kids. @Description @Specs Material:...

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