Gifts for PC Gamers: The 12 Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion!

Getting gifts for PC gamers can be tedious because many gamers are meticulous about their gear. We have scoured the corners of the internet (so you don’t have to), and we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the best gifts every pc gamer will love. Let’s dive in!

MIX ACID RGB Décor LED Room Light

If there’s one thing gamers love to do, it is set the mood and aesthetics in their rooms for long hours of gaming. This LED light is one of those perfect pc gamer gifts that will always be appreciated. With a magnetic design that allows you to place it anywhere, gesture control, and 16 million RGB colors, your gamer friend will never run out of color options to set the mood.

✔️Put it wherever you want with a magnetic design

✔️2 Ways of gesture control

✔️Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light

✔️With 16million RGB colors, flawless light effects

MIX ACID RGB Décor LED Room Light

Pixel Lighting LED Backpack

Backpacks will always come in handy, so one can never have too many! This pixel-lighting LED backpack is a multifunctional piece that can be used as a laptop carrier, a signal screen, or a game machine. It is versatile enough for them to create their own pixel screen designs, and it is weightless. Who needs different bags when you can have them all in one?

4-in-1 Nylon Braided Fast Charging USB-C Cable

If you are looking for an affordable gift option, this nylon braided USB-C cable is your best option. It has a 4-in-one design suitable for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Androids, and even headsets. The 60W charging speed, tangle-free design, and 480Mbps speed for data transfer make it more than just a regular cable. This cable can replace every other USB cable that takes up space on their table, making it an excellent gift for PC gamers. It is essential for every gamer, so why not gift them one?

✔️4-in-1 design for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android, or headset;

✔️60W fast charging;

✔️Safety-guaranteed with a smart chip;

Enhanced durability with a tangle-free design;

✔️480Mbps high-speed data transfer;

✔️Suitable for travelers, business people, and gadget lovers.


Replaces all of my common cables!

I have both an Iphone and an Android (work and personal) so this cable checks all of the boxes! When I tried charging my phone with it, the time estimate to full battery matched my two other fast charging cables, with my charging block being the only limiting factor (good thing Cool Gadget has a fast charging block that I need to order now!). I was incredibly impressed with the build quality; I expected plastic fittings but they are metal and the flat braided cable means that this isn't going to break at the fittings like most cables do over time!


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RGB LED Lights

LED lights are a must-have for gamers because they play a significant role in creating that special ambiance they love. This unique RGB LED light with symphonies can be fully customized and operated with our in-house app. It uses an upgraded chip and has a display of flawless effects to keep the space bright, warm, and cozy to match their every mood.


User picture Perfect fit in every ambient
These provide such great ambient lighting for my gaming room setup. And it's fun to set up and rearrange the light in shapes and designs and then program the colors. 

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Custom Smart Reusable Insulated Iced Coffee Cup

We can all agree that gamers must always stay hydrated, and this insulated coffee cup will help them do just that. The cup has an LED display that they can customize to display what they like, with a drink water reminder alarm clock. So, if you’ve been telling your gamer friend(s) to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this could be the best way to encourage them. The cup will keep their liquid cold or warm for six (6) whole hours while they enjoy their long gaming sessions.

✔️Two ways of drinking

✔️Intelligent displays with temperature, emoji, and text

✔️Drink water reminder

✔️6 hours of heat/cold preservation

✔️Sealed and leak-proof lid for sports and outdoors

✔️Reusable and environmentally friendly

3-in-1 Foldable Stand Wireless Magnetic Apple Charger

This is top on the list of gifts for PC gamers with Apple gear. It is widely compatible and can charge as many as 3 devices simultaneously. The charger has a sleek and ultrathin design that makes it easy to move around with, and it can be used for phones, apple watches, and earphones. It will easily become one of their favorite chargers for travel.

✔️For phones, Bluetooth earphones, and Apple watches(widely compatible);

✔️Efficient charging with strong magnets, automatic and sturdy suction;

✔️Dual 15W fast charging for phones(15W for Androids, 7.5W for iPhones) ;

✔️Foldable design, lightweight(only 181g) and portable for travel;

✔️Hidden holder(handy for use as a phone holder);

✔️Sleek and ultrathin design, hi-tech style.

3-in-1 foldable wireless charger

Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is one of the most thoughtful PC gamer gifts because every gamer loves mechanical keyboards. This keyboard has a fantastic build with fully customizable keys and a translucent black crystal design. Every gamer’s dream keyboard is one that the keystrokes land with ease, and this keyboard will give them precisely that. The full-color RGB backlighting gives it a unique aesthetic that blends with every room’s existing setting.

✔️Translucent Black Crystal Design

✔️Master Any Keys or Macros with QMK/VIA

✔️Comfort with Every Keystroke

✔️Full Color Dynamic RGB Backlighting

✔️Unparalleled Wireless Freedom

✔️Fully Transparent Ultra-quiet MX Jellyfish Switch


User picture Best keyboard ever!
I've been extremely impressed by its performance. It's the coolest keyboard I've ever seen. There're so many kinds of beautiful customizable backlight that everytime I type, it's like my fingers are dancing on the keyboard. Also the keys have a nice, responsive feel to them and the build quality is excellent. I would definitely recommend this one to all my friends. 

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Adjustable Magnetic Phone & Tablet Holder

This adjustable magnetic phone and tablet holder make live streaming, video calls, and video creation easy. It is the first and only magsafe stand for iPads in the market, with long durability and flexibility. It’s super easy to use; just attach it to the preferred spot, adjust it, and use it. It won't be just another phone stand in their collection; it will definitely be their most useful one.

✔️The first and only MagSafe stand for iPad on the market.

✔️Robot arm design is as steady as a rock.

✔️Easy to use without screwing.

✔️Flexible in any direction.

✔️Easy to install and multiple bases supported.

Adjustable Magnetic Phone&Tablet Holder

Nixie Tube Vintage Small Digital Clock

What we love about these gifts for PC gamers is their functionality; this digital clock does not disappoint on that note. It is a modernistic and stylish clock that can fit into any setting and add its own futuristic vibe. Elevate the overall look of their space by gifting them one of these unique vintage digital clocks.


User picture Cool gadget!

This is a really great looking clock. The effect was spectacular and looked great. There are multiple visual options to choose from. That packaging was great and the construction was as well.


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Retro Pixel Art Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The retro pixel art speaker is not your regular Bluetooth speaker! It can serve as décor and still maintain peak functionality simultaneously. The speaker was meticulously designed for the pc gamer, as seen in the extraordinary pixel display and RGB mechanic keyboard. The pixel display can be changed, and the sound is top-notch quality.  This is one gift every pc gamer will undoubtedly love.

Nintendo Switch GaN Fast Charger & Dock Station 65W

A compact-sized and lightweight charger, the Nintendo Switch GaN fast charger is a staple in every Nintendo lover’s charger collection. The all-in-one charging and docking station can power laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices. The cable supports fast data transmission and charging, making it super-efficient. It is a great charger to carry around for daily activities.

✔️3-in-1: Switch dock+charger+dock station;

✔️65W GaN charger with a much smaller volume;

✔️The cable supports fast charging & data transmission;

✔️Works well with Switch, laptop, iPad, phone, etc.

Ultra-thin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

A handy mag-safe power bank is not something you’ll find everywhere, so having one is special. This power bank is the smallest and thinnest 5000 mAh power bank there is, and it has been certified as stronger than the Apple Magsafe Battery pack. In addition, the metallic design makes it sleek and beautiful to carry around; it won’t be a burden because of its portability and lightweight. It is very easy and stress-free to use as it can auto-recognize a cell phone and all you have to do is snap it at the back of the phone to begin charging.

✔️The smallest and thinnest 5000mAh Magsafe power bank, lightweight and portable;

✔️Real-tested large capacity, 2x larger than the Apple Magsafe Battery Pack;

✔️Auto-recognition of your cellphone, snap-n-charge, ultra-strong magnetic connection;

✔️Graphene heat dissipation keeps your device working at a healthy status.

Support all Qi-enabled phones, Airpods, and other devices;

✔️High-quality and smooth metallic design.


Really great supplemental battery for my iphone 13!

This is a great little battery pack for my iphone 13. It almost adds a full charge of the phone, and if used properly (if I know I will having a long day away from any opportunities to charge my phone), I put it on in the morning after I have just charged the battery and take it off when the battery pack is depleted. The lights on the back of the battery pack tell you how much charge is left in it.

Definitely recommend!

If you are looking for a battery pack for a day's use, this is the one. It is the slimmest 5000mAh power bank I have ever seen. The matt finish looks very nice and high class. The charging capabilities are great. It charges my iPhone 12 about 10% in 15 mins. Very fast charging. And it recharges very fast in about 1.5h. I am planning to get one for my sister, too.

——grinding grinding  

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These gift ideas for PC gaming are sophisticated and highly affordable because you do not have to break the bank to get gifts for PC gamersIf you’re unsure what to get the PC gamer in your life, these are some of the best universal gifts every PC gamer will love.