Mechanical Keyboard Vs Membrane Keyboard: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

Looking to purchase a new keyboard? You should consider the debate of mechanical keyboard vs membrane keyboard; while you could assume that all keyboards have three rows of letters, one or two rows of numbers, and a large number of punctuation and function keys. This isn't the case anymore. This is because the majority of people today use either mechanical keyboards or membrane keyboards. A mechanical keyboard can be an excellent choice for many reasons, and so too is the membrane keyboard. In this blog guide, we will walk you through all the essential characteristics to look for in whatever keyboard you choose. So why not make the best decision by sticking to the last paragraph? To assist in deciding whether a mechanical keyboard vs ordinary keyboard is superior. Let’s begin, shall we?

Pros and Cons of mechanical keyboard

What is mechanical keyboard

A mechanical keyboard has plastic switches under each key that are intended to provide resistance and feedback when a key is pressed. This mechanism is why it is popular with people who work in keyboard-intensive professions like programmers, touch typists, and gamers. For looks, the mechanical keyboard has this solid, vintage appearance and offers more accurate and customized functions than a membrane or standard keyboard.

mechanical keyboard switch

Pros and Cons of mechanical keyboard

How you type is significantly impacted by the design of the keys. So if you think your choice of keyboard doesn't matter, you should reconsider, such a belief. With a mechanical keyboard comes the following Pros and Cons:


  • Long lifespan, and minimal upkeep
  • It Keystrokes are registered more quickly and easily than other keyboards.
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Compatible with many Pcs and Android devices
  • Keycaps and switches can be easily removed and replaced. You can create your own keyboard based on your preferences.


  • The mechanical keyboard is usually not portable as a membrane keyboard
  • The noise produced by a keypress can be a concern if you use a shared workspace
  • It cost a little more than your ordinary keyboard

Why mechanical keyboard is popular (especially gamers and coders)

Most gamers, coders, and other typing enthusiasts prefer mechanical keyboards for the three main reasons listed below.

Reason 1. Mechanical keyboards offer a variety of tactile sensations, allowing for personal preference. Compared to the membrane and electrostatic capacitive keyboards, mechanical keyboards offer a wider range of tactile sensations, much like picking the perfect dish to suit your taste. This is due to the mechanical switch structure at the core of mechanical keyboards, which determines the feedback sensation after pressing a key.

Reason 2. Mechanical keyboards have fast trigger speeds and no key collision.

In intense competitive gaming, every second and every tiny movement makes all the difference. Trigger speed has a big impact on gaming performance. Mechanical keyboard switches have a short trigger travel distance, typically around 2mm, making them more sensitive compared to membrane keyboards. Although the difference in trigger speed may only be a few milliseconds, this is exactly what professional gamers are looking for - the ultimate speed advantage.

Reason 3. Mechanical keyboards have a long service life, durable, and maintain high tactile freshness. Taking the most common and widely accepted Cheery switch as an example, the switch life can reach 50 million clicks. Due to the mechanical structure of the switch, mechanical keyboards maintain high tactile freshness for a long time, even without considering factors such as keycaps (which may become oily and affect the feel of the keyboard).

Pros and Cons of membrane keyboard (regular keyboard)

What is membrane keyboard

Membrane keyboards are commonly found in laptops, mobile phones, handheld controllers, and other appliances like photocopiers, and refrigerators. They make use of rubber switches instead of plastic (as found in mechanical keyboards). By design, the key is like a pressure pad that sits directly on top of the circuit board. So when a key is pressed on a membrane keyboard, the pressure is sent to the circuit board to trigger a type signal to the computer.


  • It is a low-cost budget keyboard
  • Compared to mechanical keyboards, they produce less noise
  • They weigh far less
  • They are less vulnerable to damage from spills of liquids and food particles


  • Membrane keyboards are not as durable as mechanical keyboards.
  • Inability to perform the Key rollover
  • Shortes lifespan
  • Low tactile feedback from separate moving parts

Difference between mechanical keyboard vs membrane (Full comparison)

There are quite a number of differences between the mechanical and membrane keyboards, so let's compare the mechanical keyboard vs ordinary keyboard from the following multiple angles:

Types of switches

One key difference that separates the two kinds of keyboards is the type of switch attached to the individual keys of the keyboard. Mechanical keyboards use a mechanical switch that is made of plastic and is quite different from the membrane or rubber dome seen in membrane keyboards. This difference is why you require a softer actuation force when using the mechanical keyboard.

Typing experience

A mechanical keyboard has a very sensitive and satisfying feel while you type, which increases your speed. Typing errors are likely to occur when typing on a mechanical keyboard because every press is accompanied by a click sound, while a membrane keyboard offers you a mushy press, with less speed.

Hence, you should think about getting a mechanical keyboard if you want to increase your typing efficiency and speed unless you are a stealth typist.


The lifespan of a mechanical keyboard is typically 20 million to 100 million keystrokes, while that of a membrane keyboard is 5 million to 10 million. This can be simply computed by multiplying the average keystrokes per hour (KPH) by the number of hours a user typically uses his keyboard. The average keystroke is rated at around 8,000 KPH.

A mechanical keyboard should be more durable and last longer than a membrane keyboard given its architecture, except situations where it is heavily exposed to dust, debris, or moisture, for which the membrane keyboard is well-protected.

Key rollover

Accurately registering multiple keypresses on a keyboard is known as “key rollover." A membrane keyboard is not very good at that, as it is difficult to correctly record many key presses simultaneously on the circuit board. In contrast, a mechanical keyboard can register multiple key presses at a time because the individual plastic switches make it less likely to miss a keystroke.

The Most Unique Mechanical Keybaord

1% Transparent Mechanical LED Keyboard

A masterfully crafted keyboard that merges functionality with aesthetics. With this keyboard, you'll witness the beauty of every keystroke, making it the perfect addition to your workstation.

The keyboard is designed with clear keycaps made of premium PC materials and a hollow structure that highlights the raw essence of craftsmanship. This design enables the keyboard to emit an unparalleled radiance, creating a mesmerizing visual experience with each keystroke.

1% Transparent Mechanical LED Keyboard
transparent mechanical keyboard
transparent mechanical keyboard

The Kailh Jellyfish switch is another unique feature of this keyboard. Equipped with pre-lubed PC housings, a transparent stem, and a gold-plated spring, this switch delivers minimum noise and maximum rebound, allowing an effortless typing experience. Additionally, this keyboard has a non-fading pad print and UV coating, leaving the characters non-fading and preventing fingerprints on the keycaps' surface.

The keyboard also has seven LED effects, adding a touch of personalization to your workspace. No matter your operating system, whether you're running Windows, iOS, Android, or macOS, this keyboard is fully compatible, making it an excellent option for people who operate on multiple platforms.

Compared to other keyboards, the 1% Transparent Mechanical LED Keyboard is environmentally friendly. It operates on a 2000mAh battery, capable of charging with a Type-C cable, which eliminates the need for AAA batteries. Just charge for three hours, and the keyboard will work for 10-100 hours.

In summary, the 1% Transparent Mechanical LED Keyboard is a keyboard of unparalleled excellence. With its dazzling design, effortless typing experience, and compatibility with all major operating systems, it serves both the practical and aesthetic needs of the user.

The Coolest Keyboard

Fully Customizable RGB Aesthetic Mechanical Keyboard, the perfect fit for tech enthusiasts who seek to elevate their keyboard experience to the next level. The keyboard is designed to not only look visually appealing but to also provide an ultimate tender and comfortable feel. Here's a detailed look at what this keyboard has to offer:

customizable rgb mechanical keyboard
customizable rgb mechanical keyboard

Translucent Black Crystal Design: the keyboard's transparent main body, keycap, jellyfish shaft, and built-in light guide column help to achieve a distinct light and shadow effect. Metal elements were added to the base and direction keys to enhance the advanced technology feel of the keyboard, making it a sight to behold.

Fully Transparent Ultra-quiet MX Jellyfish Switch: Our keyboard uses a fully transparent and ultra-quiet MX Jellyfish switch, allowing the cool light effect to be fully presented. Enjoy an extremely silky linear feel with support for hot swapping.

Full-Color Dynamic RGB Backlighting: With the RGB backlighting feature, you can separately customize each light to reveal colors that depict your style. Whether you favor pastel tones, neon colors, or bright hues, you're in control!

Master Any Keys or Macros with QMK/VIA: The keyboard uses QMK code-level support, allowing you to import the key code you're used to at will. Customize your keys' positions, lighting effects, and key layers to your preference with ease.

Keystroke Comfort: incorporated a Gasket structure and an al-silicon closed design into the main body of the keyboard. This novel combination produces an ultra-soft feel while effectively reducing percussion noise for a more comfortable typing experience.

Unparalleled Wireless Freedom: The keyboard can easily connect via Ethernet or Bluetooth, giving you the freedom to work wirelessly. And if wired connectivity is your thing, our 2.4G wireless ReceiverUSB Cable has got you covered!

200+ Hours of battery life: With a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the keyboard can last for over 200 hours. And the best part? You can still use it while charging without delay!

customizable rgb mechanical keyboard
customizable rgb mechanical keyboard

Whether it's for gaming, programming, or anything in between, the Fully Customizable RGB Aesthetic Mechanical Keyboard is designed to cater to all your needs. Say goodbye to boring keyboards, and hello to a new era of aesthetic and functional keyboards.

FAQ About Mechanical Keyboard

▶Is mechanical keyboard or membrane better for gaming?

Whether a mechanical keyboard is a better fit for gaming than a membrane keyboard is not even debatable, as a mechanical keyboard gives better results in fast-paced games that need quick reactions and reflexes. As a gamer, you should know that a Mechanical keyboard is better for you, if you want to get ahead with precision.

▶Is membrane keyboard good for typing?

Membrane Keyboard gives less actuation force and are generally by design continue to get less tactile from wear and tear. A membrane keyboard will only be a good choice for typing if you find the noise from a mechanical keyboard too loud and distracting.

▶Which type of keyboard is better for typing?

A mechanical keyboard will offer a better feel, feedback, and sound that will aid a typist to excel at unrivaled speed than when using an ordinary keyboard. It will also give an accurate keypress when typing giving room for less error.

▶Are mechanical keyboards noisy?

Mechanical keyboards can be termed noisier than any other keyboards, as the key switches in the membrane keyboard can be termed the quietest. More specifically, the noise from a mechanical keyboard depends on the manufacturer and the plastic switch put in place. If you are concerned that using a mechanical keyboard will annoy those around you, it is best to use a keyboard with silent switches or a membrane keyboard.

▶Why do gamers and coders prefer mechanical keyboards?

1. Mechanical keyboards offer a variety of tactile sensations, allowing for personal preference. 2. Mechanical keyboards have fast trigger speeds and no key collision. 3. Mechanical keyboards have a long service life, durable, and maintain high tactile freshness.

Final Words

So, do you have a firm opinion on the mechanical keyboard vs. membrane keyboard debate? Hope this blog has helped you decide between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard. If you want to learn more about the most unique mechanical keyboard and the coolest mechanical keyboard mentioned in this post, feel free to click the button below for details.