The Best  iPhone Continuity Camera Mount for Remote Office

Are you looking for a suitable Continuity Camera Mount to meet the needs of HD video conferencing when you travel or on a business trip? Cool Lab has found one such super-cool product through extensive research and testing - the xCool Continuity Camera Mount, which seems to be made for telecommuting. We would love to introduce it to you.

best  iPhone Continuity Camera Mount

Why do we think xCool Continuity Camera Mount is cool?

3-in-1 portable multifunctional accessory: A xCool Continuity Camera Mount is equivalent to a Belkin Continuity Camera Mount plus a superb portable phone stand plus a Magsafe Charger. 

It's also the most versatile, remote work-ready Continuity Camera Mount we've seen, which not only perfectly meets your needs for HD video conferencing, mobile co-working, and entertainment, but also provides wireless charging. 

xcool continuity camera mount

To better understand its various performances, Cool Lab has conducted a series of tests on this device, and here is what we actually tested. 

1. Continuity Camera Mount

It perfectly supports the Apple Continuity Camera Mount function and has the same great adaptability as the Belkin Continuity Camera Mount. Let's check its adaptability from both hardware and software aspects. 

Hardware compatibility test: xCool Continuity Camera Mount is compatible with the following iPhone and Macbook models. 

xcool continuity camera mount hardware compatibility test

We also tested the hardware adaptability of xCool Continuity Camera Mount with the help of an iPhone 14 Pro and a Macbook Pro 2017. As you can see from the test images below, it can securely hold the iPhone to the MacBook. 

Horizontal placement test
Horizontal placement test -Cool Lab​​
Vertical placement test
Vertical placement test -Cool Lab​​

Software adaptability test: Apple Continuity Camera function is mainly realized by Apple software ecology, the phone will be used as a wireless or wired camera for the computer, and the mount only functions as a physical stand. In other words, xCool Continuity Camera Mount has the same excellent software adaptability as Apple's official products. It is compatible with all software that supports the Apple Continuity Camera function. 

Nonetheless, Cool Lab has also done the actual testing of software adaptability for professional rigor. As you can see from the pictures below, it works well in Apple Facetime and some third-party applications. It also supports Apple's Center Stage; Portrait; Studio Light; and Desk View functions. 

Software adaptability test
Apple Facetime​​
Software adaptability test
Third Party Applications​​

2. Portable mobile phone stand that supports multi-angle adjustment

In addition to supporting Apple Continuity Camera, it is also a superb portable phone mount that supports multi-angle adjustment. xCool Continuity Camera Mount is designed with a dual-axis mount that supports horizontal and vertical placement, allowing for large angle adjustment. 

With the dual-axis adjustment, you can find any viewing angle you want for your phone. The material of the mount is made of frosted metal with good texture and suitable damping size, and it is quite stable when placed horizontally or vertically.

When on the go, we often need a phone mount to meet the needs of entertainment or work, and we believe that the xCool Continuity Camera Mount is perfectly suited to this task. 

3. MagSafe Charging

Surprisingly, xCool Continuity Camera Mount even supports Apple Magsafe wireless charging. Perhaps you often forget to bring an Apple lightning cable and can not charge your phone.

This time, if you have an xCool Continuity Camera Mount, you can use your laptop or Android type-C cable to connect xCool Multi-functional continuity camera mount to your phone for Magsafe wireless charging. This is equivalent to adding a new charging mode for your iPhone with a type-C cable.

It doesn't matter if you forget to bring an Apple lightning cable the next time you go out with it! 

Cool Lab has also tested its Magsafe charging feature. 

[Testing process]

Test equipment: Apple 14pro; xCool Continuity Camera Mount

[Test method]

  • Step 1 Control the power of the phone at 30%.
  • Step 2 Leave the phone and xCool Continuity Camera Mount at room temperature and measure their temperature with an infrared temperature camera.
  • Step 3 Charge the phone with xCool Continuity Camera Mount for 30 minutes and measure the power with the tester in real-time. After charging, use the infrared temperature camera to measure the temperature of the magnetic charging device and the phone. 

Here is the test result. As shown below, the phone and xCool Continuity Camera Mount were at normal temperatures with no abnormal heat during the 30 minutes of charging. The charging voltage remains at 9v and the charging power fluctuates between 5w and 9.3w, no different from the regular Magsafe charger. 

magsafe charging temperature test
Temperature before charging iPhone and xCool Continuity Camera Mount​​
magsafe charging temperature test
Temperature after charging iPhone and xCool Continuity Camera Mount​​

Charging power, voltage, and current curve

Data summarization  

testing method
Testing ​​method

FAQs about Continuity Camera

How to use Continuity Camera on macOS?

In order to use Continuity Camera, make sure your hardware and software are compatible. The following image provides information on the compatible devices for Apple's Continuity Camera features. 

how to use continuity camera on macos

If you’ve got all the right devices, here’s how to set up and use Continuity Camera. 

How to Set up a Continuity Camera

  • Make sure your iPhone is set to trust your Mac. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer, select Trust when the prompt comes up on your phone, and enter your passcode.
  • Mount your iPhone using Belkin’s MagSafe mount (or a stand of your choice) so that the rear camera is facing you in landscape orientation.
  • Make sure your iPhone and Mac are logged into the same Apple ID using two-factor authentication. A screenshot of the Settings menu in iOS 16 with Continuity Camera toggled on. It’s on by default.
  • Make sure the Continuity Camera is enabled on your phone. You can do this in Settings > General > AirPlay and Handoff.
  • Make sure your iPhone and Mac both have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on and are not sharing cellular or internet connections.
  • Make sure your Mac is not using AirPlay or SideCar.

How to use Continuity Camera

  • Bring your iPhone near your Mac.
  • Launch FaceTime, Photo Booth, or another app that uses your MacBook’s camera.
  • Your Mac should automatically use your iPhone as the camera. If it doesn’t, pull up the camera list in whatever app you’re using and select the name of your phone. 

Apple Official Tutorial: Continuity Camera: Use iPhone as a webcam for Mac


Overall, the xCool Continuity Camera Mount is an excellent accessory for remote work, offering excellent versatility and functionality in a compact and portable design. Its compatibility with Apple's Continuity Camera, multiple angle adjustment mount features, and MagSafe wireless charging make it a must-have for those who need high quality video conferencing needs on the go.