We decided to start the Cool Gadget team because we realized that we could and should expect more from the small objects in our lives that would significantly enhance our well-being. We seek & make better quality products for adventurers, thrill seekers, technology lovers, and city dwellers.

The market is flooded with too many products with poor quality and falsely parameters. There are too many products with exaggerated marketing and too many products with ordinary appearance and functions.

That's why we must explore, produce and share more "new & cool & eco-friendly products." Each item is carefully selected from dozens or even hundreds of products, rigorously tested and thoroughly tried by us, and then determined, iterated, and improved to ensure quality. Finally, it is delivered to you.

We strictly select products based on the following criteria.

  • All marked parameters are entirely authentic and not falsely inflated.
  • Reliable quality and superior texture.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Outstanding and impressive features.
  • Make us have the feeling of thumping.

Our mission is to make possible a lifestyle of "using fewer but better objects," where every gadget is the ultimate experience if it matters to you.

Whether your idea of adventure is summiting Devil's Tower or crossing town in time for a 9 a.m. meeting, you should choose versatile accessories that enhance you and your goals.

That's what the "Cool Gadget" is.